CETITEC - connective technologies


Training courses are an additional offer to our customers to start efficiently with their projects. The courses can be held at the CETITEC site or at the customer site and are available for all CETITEC Products.

ACS (Firmware)

The training for the CETITEC Automotive Communication System (ACS) includes:

  • The Automotive Communication System solution:

    • General features and advantages
    • Portability to CPUs and operating systems
    • Development environment setup for ACS (WIN32, Linux)
    • Developing MOST applications using ACS
    • ACS Integration

  • ACS configuration tool (Integra)
  • Practical exercises for designing MOST Elements in C++ or JAVA (Shadow and Function Block)
  • Summary and Q & A

UGW (Firmware)

The CETITEC Universal Gateway (UGW) is a configurable, high performance multi-bus gateway. The firmware training includes:

  • Software architecture, task concept
  • Operation principles
  • Conversion types
  • Using conversion attributes
  • Connecting user defined applications to the CETITEC framework
  • Implementing user defined conversion functions
  • Define custom conversions by using the µKernel
  • Creating gateway tables with the CETITEC Composer tool
  • Summary and Q & A

Automotive Bus Converter (Composer-Tool)

The training for the CETITEC Automotive Bus Converter (ABC) includes:

  • Operation principles of the gateway
  • Converting MOST bus functionality to broadcast buses like CAN and vice versa
  • Efficient usage of the possible transmission timing of output messages
  • Using the µKernel functionality
  • Creating the gateway table with the CETITEC Composer tool
  • Exporting the binary gateway table and flashing it to the target
  • Summary and Q & A