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Automotive Bus Converter

Makes different Buses work together

The CETITEC Automotive Bus Converter (ABC) connects different field buses like CAN, MOST, FlexRay, LIN and Ethernet on telegram level, signal level or even in a bitwise way. It converts varying physical layers as well as different protocols and timings. Signals and bus states are routed in real-time. The Automotive Bus Converter converts different signals and units and synchronizes buses with different speeds. For applications such as flashing*, diagnostics* or a direct bidirectional signal link to the PC the Automotive Bus Converter is equipped with an Ethernet and an USB 2.0 interface for high bandwidth access.

Translation between Bus Systems

The Automotive Bus Converter supports an easy transformation of information (based on telegram or signal level) between different automotive bus systems in terms of:

  • bus systems on different speeds or different physical layers
  • different transportation protocols*
  • adaptation of bus specific features like MOST notification mechanism
  • different message timing on source and target bus
  • different transmission timing for outgoing messages (e.g. cyclically or follow-up style)
  • changing of transmission types (e.g. from cyclic transmission to an event driven ‘send-on-change’ manner or vice versa)
  • 1:n or n:1 message to signal translations
  • powerful signal and message management for initial, void and default values

Use Cases

With the features of the Automotive Bus Converter you can:

  • Connect newly developed devices to an existing car platform for initial in-car tests
  • Easily migrate your products into new bus technologies by connecting your 1st devices to an existing car platform
  • Easily exchange signals between field bus messages and own PC-applications*

Composer – The Conversion Rule Configuration Tool

With the CETITEC Composer application (PC) you can configure all aspects of the Automotive Bus Converter to convert data between the most important automotive bus-systems such as CAN, MOST, FlexRay* and LIN* as well as the signal interchange with PC-applications*.

CETITEC Composer User Interface

Editing or Importing of Message Catalogues and Routing Configuration Data

The Composer is used to create definitions of messages and signals on different buses manually or to simply import existing message catalogues from industrial standard formats e.g. like FIBEX. Based on the message and signal information the routing configuration (gateway table) could be easily defined. The Composer can also be extended* with import filters for OEM or customer specific data formats (messages and signals) as well as translation rules.

Product Highlights

  • Supports all modern automotive buses like
    • MOST
    • CAN (6x high or low speed)
    • FlexRay*
    • LIN*
    as well as
    • USB 2.0 and
    • Ethernet for PC connectivity
  • Modification of routing configuration in post-build style without any recompilation of ABC firmware
  • Software components used in ABC are 1:1 available for mass production scope
  • Manual definition of routing configurations inside the comfortable CETITEC Composer tool (PC)
  • Composer imports the routing configurations as well as message and signal definitions from common industry standard formats (e.g. FIBEX) and OEM specific formats* (e.g. Excel spreadsheet)

 * OEM specific customization, adaption or add-on modules required


 Request for Quotation

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Part List

  • ABC firmware
  • MOCCA compact hardware
  • User manual
  • Composer (additional license required)
  • Flasher Tool
  • Hardware Connectors

Composer System Requirements

  • Windows® 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
    or Windows® XP
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Dual-Core CPU