CETITEC - connective technologies


CETITEC offers products to support the entire life cycle of automotive devices. Starting from simulation tools to proof concepts in the concept phase up to productivity enhancement tools for embedded device development and test tools for automated gateway tests. All MOST speed grades MOST25, MOST50 and MOST150 are now available for the CETITEC product range.

Embedded Software Components

CETITEC offers software components and subsystems ready to use for series production devices. The components are available for several ┬ÁController types and are operating system independent. The following products are available:

  • Automotive Communication System: Meets the challenge to make work flows easier for OEMs and suppliers by a framework for embedded applications and a tool chain to increase productivity.
  • AVB Infotainment Solution: the out of the box solution for automotive infotainment networks using Audio/Video Bridging (AVB).
  • Universal Gateway: A high performance gateway to connect automotive buses like CAN, MOST, FlexRay, LIN and also Ethernet as high bandwidth access for diagnosis and end of line flashing.


  • Automotive Bus Converter: The firmware on the MOCCA compact hardware routes signals and messages between the automotive buses CAN, MOST, FlexRay and LIN. The configuration can be defined and changed by using a PC based configuration tool.
  • Gateway Test System: A ready to use test system build to generate and execute test cases derived from the imported conversion rules of a gateway. The test cases include functional tests as well as performance tests to verify the compliance to OEM specifications.


Questions about Products

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