CETITEC - connective technologies


CETITEC GmbH was established in 2012 in Pforzheim, Germany as an independent company. It was founded from the embedded software business, as well as the consulting and support businesses of K2L GmbH, a company with more than a decade of success in the automotive business.

Full details and the official announcement can be found in the following link: K2L CETITEC Announcement.


  • 2012   CETITEC GmbH was established in Pforzheim, Germany, spun-off from K2L GmbH

Timeline with K2L GmbH

  • 2011   Co-integration of UGW with AUTOSAR platforms
                 Co-integration of AMF/ACS with Genivi
                 ACS audio drivers available for Linux (ALSA) and QNX
                 ACS available for QNX ACS available for TEngine
  • 2010   Development of seamless smart phone connection
  • 2008   Automotive Bus Converter with Ethernet backbone
  • 2007   MOST150 driver
  • 2006   Windows CE MOST® Driver
  • 2005   MOST/CAN/Ethernet gateway
  • 2004   Developed first CAN/FlexRay™ gateway worldwide
  • 2003   Start of development for first UGW generation
                 Development of fully automated routing test system
  • 2002   Development of MOST application framework
  • 2001   MMI development for instrument cluster
  • 2000   Successful completion of first CAN/MOST Gateway worldwide
  • 1999   K2L GmbH was established in Pforzheim, Germany